A Daily Dose of Interesting Photographic Inspiration from Flickr

What is is an interface experiment written in Javascript and the JQuery library that uses the API to display photo wall using the Interestingess algorithm. The photo wall is updated daily, throughout the day. Up to 500 images and photos are displayed on the wall at anyone time. User's can search previous days' interestingness feeds by entering the date and fetching it.

Images can be viewed at larger sizes up to 500 pixels along the largest length. Other sizes maybe available from the contributors photo feed on on and links are provided so you you can visit the contributors' photo feeds.

Apart from being an Javascript experiment, aims to increase the exposure of photographers and contributors who use the Flickr system by providing a visual navigation tool for people looking for interesting images.

What makes a photo or image interesting?

The Flickr interestingness feed is generated by Flickr and there are many elements that make an image 'interesting' or not. Many of the features on Flickr - clickthrough sources, users' comments on an image, the time of the comment, users who add the image as a favourite, the photo's tags and many more things that are constantly changing over time all make up the Interestingness feed. Interestingness changes over time, as more and more fantastic content and stories are added to Flickr.

Interestingness Photo Walls by Date uses daily feeds so you can search for photos for any date* by entering the your date in the date fields and clicking on the "fetch by date" button. *Feeds start from the 1st June 2004 and cannot be seen into the future!.

Public Photos

You can enter the name of any user on Flickr and see their public photos be hitting return / enter after you have entered their name .

Availability is provided on an as-is basis and is subject to the availability of the Flickr API system. This site and the Flickr services are experimental and are currently offered on an ad hoc basis with no guarantee of uptime or availability of continued service. Read more about Flickr services here. All enquiries about this site should be directed to

Can't see photo wall and interestingness feed from Flickr?

The most probable reason you can see this information rather than the Photo Wall is that you need to enable Javascript in your browser. The site requires Javascript to be enabled to use the site.

Find out how to turn on Javascript for your browser here.

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